Who Should Get Balloon Sinuplasty?


Most of the time sinus infections only last a number of days or a couple of weeks at the longest. But for some, sinus infections can become chronic and persistent. The symptoms don’t subside, even with high-powered antibiotics or steroids. In increasing numbers, those people are turning to a treatment known as balloon sinuplasty, which can offer relief from sinus infections.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty The Right Treatment For You?

Balloon sinuplasty can be an amazingly effective treatment for some individuals with chronic sinusitis. But it’s only approved for some patients. Recently, the clinical criteria for balloon sinuplasty have been updated by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Balloon sinuplasty will not be the right choice if:

  • You have a sinus infection but it isn’t chronic.
  • Your Chronic sinus infections don’t show any symptoms on a CT scan. If your sinuses look clear, a balloon sinuplasty will not benefit you.
  • You are trying to deal with your sleep apnea but do not have sinusitis symptoms.
  • You happen to have nasal polyps.
  • You are trying to manage chronic headaches but do not have persistent sinus infections.

However, balloon sinuplasty may be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re currently having endoscopic sinus surgery (FEES).
  • You have swollen or clogged sinuses as evidenced by a CT or other imaging scans.
  • You have recurring sinus infections.
  • You’ve undergone surgery to correct persistent sinusitis.
  • You have spoken with with your doctor and found the solution suitable for your condition.
  • You have been dealing with a persistent sinus infection with symptoms for more than three months.

Be prepared to discuss your overall medical history because it’s essential to take into account everything before deciding on this procedure. However, it comes down to this: if your sinuses are swollen and full of mucus and it’s not improving, balloon sinuplasty could be the right choice for you.

Is This Treatment my First Treatment Option?

Other solutions will usually be tried before balloon sinuplasty is performed. This could include Steroids, antibiotics, or other medications.

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